Solace Holdings Answers Whether You Should Invest More in SEO or Social Media to Drive Digital Growth

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One of the most common questions the digital marketing team at Solace Holdings in Nevada receives is about which service platform is better to invest in first, SEO or Social Media. This question does make sense when you are coming at it from a business angle. Every business has a budget and needs to make the most of it. If one type of digital marketing service will get better, quicker results, that should be the service the business invests in first.

However, Solace Holdings in Nevada would likely argue that it isn’t that simple. Just as in financial investing where you need to diversify to mitigate your risk, you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to digital marketing either. Here’s why:

Any team member at Solace Holdings in Nevada will be the first to say that digital marketing is constantly changing. What was once the standard one day could potentially be useless the next. Over the years, Google, Facebook and other major tech companies have changed the rules on how to effectively market your services on their platforms.

For example, Facebook is currently changing its algorithm to make sure users get access to the content that they want. This means advertising on Facebook has changed. The same holds true for Google. The Panda algorithm update caused many companies to go back to the drawing board and revamp how they strategized on digital marketing.

As a full service digital marketing company specializing in SEO, Brand Management, PPC, Email Marketing, and Web Design, Solace Holdings in Nevada suggests that you not rely on a single tool to drive people to your site. You will need to create good content and understand what customers in your industry are looking for and what will make them share your brand’s message.

Digital marketing does not have a cookie-cutter solution, so it’s important to consult with experts, like Carston Gardner and Sharon Judge of Solace Holdings in Nevada, to help you conjure the best strategy to relay your message and content to your present and future customers. Top of Form

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